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Whether you deal with radioactive sources because of its useful purposes or whether you deal with it in an undesirable way, Radiatco can help you with all your questions regarding radioactivity and radiation.

A good radiation policy is of great importance for your company. It demands help from specialists. We offer radiation specialists (level 2 and 3) as part of your team or for a short assignment. We differ from other specialists because we are involved on a personal level. An assigned specialist will take care of the whole process involved.

Our services are fairly priced.

Some of our clients:

Daily work:

Radiation expert

Radiation Expert for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

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Radiation expert – measuring and adjusting techniques

Several years ago, we were approached by a company that deals in measurement instruments with a radioactive source inside. They asked us to help them establish a radiation safety policy.

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Radiation expert – open radioactive sources

In a laboratory Thorium Nitrate was used in the past for the analysis of a product.

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Radiation expert offshore

Our planet contains natural radioactivity. This natural radioactivity will come to the surface in the process water (sludge) while drilling for and processing the oil and gas.

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Assistence with applying for a license

Scrap dealers will often unwanted receive scrap in their yard which is contaminated with radioactivity.

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Radioactive sources in secondary education

Part of the science class is learning about the creation and operation of the various types of radioactivity, by using an alpha, beta, and gamma source.

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Measuring Radioactivity after a fire

When a fire occurs or when disaster strikes the fire department has the task to measure for the presence and distribution of radioactive substances radioactivity or radiation.

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Providing education for fire officers

To control accidents involving dangerous substances is one of the statutory duties of the fire brigade in the Netherlands.

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