How we work

Good agreements are fundamental for an excellent partnership. We would like to be your counsellor and advisor and aim for a long collaboration.

It is important to us to provide continuity with your radiation policy.

It will be helpful to you when you are served by one team you can always consult with regarding any questions you might have. (concerning radioactivity or radiation) Radiation is very diverse, that is the reason we customize our work.

You will get assigned a radiation expert who has the most experience with and knowledge of the use of radioactivity or radiation in your company. In an exploratory conversation we will get a clear view of your wishes and/or uncertainties. We will make it clear how we can best serve you to achieve your goals.

When the assignment is clear for both of us then we will present you an appropriate quote. Please let us know your questions and/or problems. Radiatco is a great partner for you.

For more information, please call us on +31(0)113 60 3130 or e-mail.