Sjoerd de Jonge

Owner / CEO
General Coordinating expert

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Sjoerd has an eye for safety and recognizes potential unsafe situations. He balances risks and actions alike.

He has worked for 10 years for various government- and business organizations in the firefighting industry. He has great experience in controlling disastrous incidents and accidents in the petroleum and chemical industry. His specialty and area of interest lies in the safe handling of hazardous materials in unusual situations, like detecting radioactive substances after a fire. He has extensive experience in the offshore as a supervising radiation expert.

Jan Vermeule

Kam-coordinator/coordinating expert radiation protection

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I have worked in the housing and building industry. The last 10 years in the development of real estate until the economic crisis in 2012. In 2015 I had a pitch with Sjoerd de Jonge CEO of Radiatco B.V. and shortly after I was introduced  in the active world of radiation. I received a degree of Co-ordinating Expert in Health Physics (Radiation Protection Expert – level 3) in 2016.

Guiding Clients by licensing and permitting, risk analysis, site boundary calculations, measurements on-site, consultancy on all . Thinking ahead to prevent health safety problems. Cost-efficient strategies to recycle or to solve radioactive waste aspects are strong opportunities that Radiatco B.V. can offer to  their clients.

Radiatco has have a lot of experience with NORM consultancy in the oil and gas industry, bulk processing of ores, etc., decontamination of equipment, removal of slag wool, attend on radiation protection for NDT industry and external expert for radiation protection in the use of X-ray equipment for dentists and veterinarians.

Dick Beesemer

Radiation expert level 4A/M

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When I worked as a Non-Destructive Researcher (NDT) at Fokker Aircraft BV, I got the opportunity to use X-ray aircraft components. For this it was necessary to obtain a diploma in radiation hygiene level 5. After Fokker, I enjoyed working for the radiation protection service of the Erasmus University and successfully completed the radiation hygiene training level 4. Before I started working at RadiatCo, I mainly worked for TUV and TNO in the medical sector. My main duties in the medical sector consisted of performing radiation safety inspections, acceptance and status tests and constancy tests of large X-ray installations such as bucky stands, mammography, CTs (computer tomography), continuous screening (such as angiography) and all other types of devices.

The inspections were carried out in hospitals, medical clinics, prisons, airports, all GGDs in the Netherlands, veterinary practices, zoos, dental practices.

For RadiatCo I have been seconded to different locations such as EPZ Borsele, Covra and Thermphos (VcB). I also regularly work as an LSA expert for NORM in the offshore / oil and gas industry, and for the inspection of radioactive sources on dredgers abroad.

The above are just a few examples of the activities I carry out for RadiatCo B.V.

Joost van Loo

Coordinating expert radiation protection

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Since March 2018 my career in the radiation world started at RadiatCo. The previous four years I worked as a PhD candidate at the WUR in Wageningen. The research I conducted there focused on the intestinal flora of fish and was therefore mostly microbiological in nature. During this work I gained a lot of research and laboratory experience. The courses I have completed are HBO Environmental Sciences at the HAS in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Environmental science is a very broad program aimed at solving and guiding environmental issues in the broadest sense of the word. After studying Environmental Science, I went to the WUR in Wageningen to specialize by means of the Masters course “Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management”.

At the beginning of 2019 I hope to obtain my training as a radiation expert level 3 and until then to gain a lot of experience in all kinds of projects.

Manon Boonman

Office Manager

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Over twenty years ago I started my career as a secretary/administrative assistant.
In those twenty years I developed myself through courses/training and experience to senior secretary. Since April 1, 2013 I am working at Radiatco B.V. as Office Manager.

Lizet Nieuwenhuijse

Coordinating expert / Radiation protection

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After obtaining my diploma of Supervising Employee Radiation Protection for dispersible radioactive substances at Eindhoven University of Technology, I joined Radiatco in 2018. I have now obtained the diploma Coordinating Expert in radiation protection (2019).

As a radiation expert I participate in the demolition of the former phosphorus factory Thermphos, I am gaining experience in the Borsele nuclear power plant during the fission switch stops and I have gained offshore experience as an LSA expert.
I am also involved in sampling, analyzes and other lab activities.

Erwin Hoogesteger

Radiation protection officer (in training)

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After 10 years of working in the catering industry, I just started working for Radiatco. Radiatco came to my attention through a acquaintance. Radiatco gave me the opportunity to do the radiation protection officer course and to gain experience in the work field. My previous education Communication, leadership and effectiveness, will be usefull to be able to focus clearly and effectively on the customer.