Assistence with applying for a license

Scrap dealers will often unwanted receive scrap in their yard which is contaminated with radioactivity. This has to either be reported to the authorities or a license is required depending on the activity of the source. A major danger to the health of the public and the environment can be caused if contaminated scrap is processed into consumer products. To be sure that the received scrap is clean, detectors are placed at the entrance of the yard. Received contaminated scrap is not allowed to be returned to the sender. This should be reported immediately to the mayor of the city and the VROM inspection. Obviously it is much better to have a license ready for incidents like this. Radiatco can help you apply. Also our level 3 specialists are trained to detect and isolate the radioactive source and sort contaminated scrap for you. Hereafter assistance is provided with the safe storage, transportation and disposal of the contaminated scrap. Together we will ensure that the VROM Inspection will be
notified and that your work can carry on as usual without any further delay due
to contaminations.