Radiation expert offshore

Our planet contains natural radioactivity. This natural radioactivity will come to the surface in the process water (sludge) while drilling for and processing the oil and gas. These radioactive particles will then deposit on the inside of the pipes and vessels. This deposition is called scaling. If the plant is opened for maintenance then employees may come into contact with the infected process water (sludge) and scaling. The external radiation from the sludge and the scaling is often low. However the trouble starts when you inhale or swallow the radioactive material. If sludge or gas comes out of the plant, the vapour can be inhaled. The sludge or scaling can get onto your hands or suit and from there small fragments can get on your face and/ or in your mouth. If you were to be contaminated with radioactive material than the particles will go into your body and will remain there for the rest of your life. These particles radiate the rest of your life and might cause cancer. There is always a level 2 or 3 professional responsible for the prevention of contamination. Radiatco can deliver these level 2 of 3 professionals as well as level 5 professionals.