Introducing the Radiatco employees:

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Name: Sjoerd de Jonge

Functie: Owner / CEO
Radiation Specialist Level 2

Sjoerd has an eye for safety and recognizes potential unsafe situations. He balances risks and actions alike.

He has worked for 10 years for various government- and business organizations in the firefighting industry. He has great experience in controlling disastrous incidents and accidents in the petroleum and chemical industry. His specialty and area of interest lies in the safe handling of hazardous materials in unusual situations, like detecting radioactive substances after a fire. He has extensive experience in the offshore as a supervising radiation expert.

Name: Rob van de voorde

Radiation Specialist Level 3

As a level 3 expert I have a broad knowledge of practical issues in the field of Radiation Protection, as well the manipulation of sealed sources and infections. In chemical industry, I have gained a lot of experience with radioactive sources used in the Measurement & Control technology and associated equipment, and also clear away LSA from Phosphate ore and offshore industry. Each radiological job is different; one has to be creative with measures in the workplace where the radiation safety must remain assured. That challenge is what I like!

Name: Thejo van Loo
Radiation Specialist Level 3

My working career started as an engineer on board of oil tankers.

Further on I switched as an operator in the chemical industry and through courses and further education I became shift supervisor and a later on assistant Plant Manager.

Working in this industry I’ve got in touch for the first time with Radioactivity (NORM). My interest was aroused and 20 years ago I achieved level 5 of Radiation Protection.
That interest became the decision to become a Radiation Expert level 3.

Working as a Radiation Expert at Radiatco fits me as a glove, and being a senior with a lot of experience in the industry I am sure that customer orders will be filled in correct and adequate.


Name: Jan Vermeule

Kam-coördinator/Radiation Specialist level 3

I have worked in the housing and building industry. The last 10 years in the development of real estate until the economic crisis in 2012. In 2015 I had a pitch with Sjoerd de Jonge CEO of Radiatco B.V. and shortly after I was introduced  in the active world of radiation. I received a degree of Co-ordinating Expert in Health Physics (Radiation Protection Expert – level 3) in 2016.

Guiding Clients by licensing and permitting, risk analysis, site boundary calculations, measurements on-site, consultancy on all . Thinking ahead to prevent health safety problems. Cost-efficient strategies to recycle or to solve radioactive waste aspects are strong opportunities that Radiatco B.V. can offer to  their clients.

Radiatco has have a lot of experience with NORM consultancy in the oil and gas industry, bulk processing of ores, etc., decontamination of equipment, removal of slag wool, attend on radiation protection for NDT industry and external expert for radiation protection in the use of X-ray equipment for dentists and veterinarians.


Name: Alwie van Soest

Radiation Specialist Level 4A/M

A reliable, solution-focused, warmly relationship. The practical go-getter that ensures very deliberate the end result will be reached

As Radiation Technician I have years of experience in the medical radiation sector. For a Dental Depot I worked as a radiation expert. I had to work out KEW files and did the follow-up.

I am experienced as a teacher in radiation protection and X-ray technique for dental assistants and dental hygienists.


Name: Christian Mol

Supervising employee radiation protection (former 5b)

The profile text of Christian will follow soon..

Name: Marieanne Tolhoek

Supervising employee, radiation protection (former 5b)

The following (Dutch) profile text will be translated soon…

Tijdens mijn werkzaamheden als brand/veiligheidswacht in de kerncentrale Borsele werd ik geconfronteerd met radioactiviteit en de daarbij behorende straling en de stralingshygiëne. Er is toen nauw samengewerkt met medewerkers van Radiatco en zo is eigenlijk mijn loopbaan in de stralingshygiëne begonnen. Door de directeur van Radiatco is mij gevraagd een opleiding in die richting te gaan volgen en dat heb ik eind 2017 met het behalen van het diploma Ioniserende straling niveau CI-5B afgesloten. Vanaf die tijd ben ik werkzaam als medewerkster van Radiatco en heb al op diverse locaties werkzaamheden verricht in de industriële sector en in de offshore sector. Door mijn praktische kijk en technische achtergrond vind ik al snel mijn weg op industriële locaties. Mede door mijn ervaring als brand/veiligheidswacht is het inpassen van stralingshygiënische maatregelen mij op het lijf geschreven.

Name: Joost van Loo

In training for supervising empolyee, radiation protection (former 5b).

The following profile text will be translated soon.

Sinds maart 2018 ben mijn carrière in de stralingswereld bij RadiatCo begonnen. De vier voorgaande jaren ben ik als promovendus werkzaam geweest op de WUR in Wageningen. Het onderzoek wat ik daar heb uitgevoerd was gericht op de darmflora van vissen en was daardoor veelal microbiologisch van aard. Tijdens dit werk heb ik veel onderzoeks- en laboratorium ervaring opgedaan. De opleidingen die ik heb doorlopen zijn HBO Milieukunde aan de HAS in ’s-Hertogenbosch. De studie milieukunde is een zeer brede opleiding die is gericht op het oplossen en begeleiden van milieukundige vraagstukken in de breedste zin van het woord. Na de studie Milieukunde ben ik naar de WUR in Wageningen gegaan om me te specialiseren doormiddel van de Master-opleiding “Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management”.
Begin 2019 hoop ik mijn opleiding tot stralingsdeskundige niveau 3 te behalen en tot die tijd een hoop ervaring op te doen binnen allerlei projecten.

Name: Lizet Nieuwenhuijse

Profile text will follow soon.

Name: Dick Beesemer

Profile text will follow soon…

Name: Manon Boonman

Office Manager

Over twenty years ago I started my career as a secretary/administrative assistant.
In those twenty years I developed myself through courses/training and experience to senior secretary. Since April 1, 2013 I am working at Radiatco B.V. as Office Manager.

With my colleague Corrie we are the first contact of the office, you are welcome to call or mail us.

Name: Corrie Autiero

Management Assistent

I started as an administrative assistant and developed myself through courses and training from Assistant Executive Secretary to Office Support group leader.
After the bankruptcy of my previous company I started to work at Radiatco on November the 1st, 2013. Overall, my passions, skills and experience are in secretarial and administrative support.

With my colleague Manon we are the first contact of the office, you are welcome to call or mail us.